We aim to have every single new official mentored on the ice within their first couple months of starting their new role but sometimes the team schedule, the mentor schedule and the official’s schedule simply don’t match. The other option is to have an off-ice mentorship/supervision. If somehow we missed you and/or that you would like to request another mentorship opportunity simply let our supervisions & mentorship director know.

Mentorship questions or requests can be sent to our Trevor our Lead Mentorship



Similar to mentorship we aim to have every ARA official supervised during the course of the season. Supervisions main goals are:

1- Provide our officials timely feedback and coaching opportunities

2- Ensure our officials are ranked for the proper level of hockey

3- Help promote our top officials to higher levels of hockey outside ARA

If you would like to be supervised or have any questions regarding supervisions and mentorship please contact Blair our Lead Supervision