Have you ever wonder what is the actual penalty shot procedure?

Or maybe you have heard a mentor and/or supervisor saying “working the line” when you were a linesman at one of your game and aren’t sure what it is?

Well, if you look under the ARA Official in the resources tab you will find the HCOP Officiating Manual (or click here) where you will find answers to those questions and more!

This is a great resource and following what’s in it will ensure that you as an official do what you are suppose to do in your specific role on and off the ice but also will ensure that we as officials are consistent in our message and in our standards. If you are a new or newer official I would highly recommend that you take time to go through the whole manual if you haven’t done so already. On that note, even if you have been around for a few years it is always a good idea to re-read once in a while as this will keep everyone’s knowledge sharp.