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2016-17 Referee Clinic Registration

If you have tried to register for referee clinics this year you have been slightly confused by the fact that registrations are advertised as open by the CZRC but don’t actually seem to be working.  You are not alone.  The CZRC clinic registration system, Goalline, has been causing a lot of troubles.  The CZRC hopes to have this resolved by Monday August 29.  Clinics do not start until about half way through September so there will plenty of time to get registered once the system issues are resolved.

Lots of Change to Begin the New Season

The 2016-17 hockey season has already started and it is going to be full of changes!!  First of all, by visiting this website you have found that the Airdrie Referees’ Association has a new website.  This new website is the result of moving the assigning and referee management functions of our own Goalline system into the CZRC Goalline system.  We have big plans for making better use of the CZRC Goalline and this website so stay tuned for more changes.