For those of you that are new to the Airdrie, our assignor is Carmen. She will be assigning on Wednesdays so your availability will need to be done by Tuesday each week. She will assign for the weekend that falls in 10 days. There are not usually games during the week but you are more than welcome to mark the weekdays that you are available. She will send out availability reminder emails each week that will include the specific dates. Please note that although she assign the majority of the games for the given weekend on the Wednesday, there is a strong possibility that she will assign games on different days of the week for both the given weekend (ex. Sept 29-Oct 1) and the current one (ex. September 22-24). Do not assume that once Wednesday is over, the assigning is done. She may not have games to give you on the Wednesday but she might get one that I need to fill. So, if your plans change and you need a day/time of day off, please update your availability to reflect that as soon as you know.  For “A” hockey program, please have your availability set by the 20th of each month for the following month. Again, she will send out reminder emails for you. You are responsible for keeping your availability up-to-date. Keep in mind that there are decline and reassignment fees. Please contact her when you have to decline a game or turn back a game that you have accepted so she can better understand the reason. Please know that she does her very best in distributing the games evenly; however, this is based on how your availability falls inline with the games you are ranked to do. Also, please understand that there are a lot of officials for Novice and Atom so, she is not always able to give you as many games as you may like. However, please let her know that you are interested in picking up any extra games and she will certainly try to get you in as many games as she can! In Goalline, you are able to leave “Notes”, however, this is not the most efficient way for her to keep track of all of the requests so please email them to her directly ( For example, let her know how many games you are looking to get each weekend, how many games in a day you can handle, if you have a family member on a team or any other special requests. You do not need to let her know about certain dates you are unavailable; just mark your availability in Goalline accordingly.
For urgent matters such as:
·     Your partner not being at the rink by 15 minutes to game time
·     You are running late to the rink
·     You are sick and can’t do you game that day or the next day
PLEASE CALL!  —– > 403-808-2448
Text messages and emails will not reach her as quickly as a phone call will. Try to give her as much notice as possible if you are sick so she can find someone else for your game. If you cannot get a hold of her, please contact Rodney Reisner at 403-923-3841. Her voicemail gives you this information and, if you are saved as a contact in her phone, my phone will send you a text message with his number. Carmen ask that all new officials contact her (text or email) and provide her with your, or your parent’s, phone number. She save you all as favourites so that your calls are marked as priority and will ring through even when her phone is on silent. Please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.

Carmen Boccanfuso



We constantly update rankings to ensure we get the best qualified officials in all of our assignments. As much as we keep a close eye on everyone’s ranking, we know we aren’t perfect and there is a small chance the odd ranking may not get updated in a timely manner. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your ranking or if you believe there is a mistake. On that note, being ranked for a specific level doesn’t guarantee that you will get games at that level and the two main reasons are team schedule and officials availability. As much as our assignor does a great job in distributing the games evenly, if a specific level plays on a day that you aren’t available to officiate you won’t be getting games not because of ranking but simply based on availability. On the other hand being available at all time and being willing to help on short notice will help you get many extra games. Please do not hesitate to contact our Lead Assigning & Rankings if you have any questions.

Rod Reisner