Being a ref isn’t easy but we believe recognizing our officials for their hard work highlights our commitment to reward those who go the extra stride in making sure ARA stays a leader in the officiating community. Similar to winning an Oscar we can’t realistically thank every single person within a minute or two speech but below are our yearly award winning recipient. Please take a moment to congratulates our recipients next time you see them.


Rookie of the Year

The rookie of the year is awarded to the ARA member who in his or her first year has clearly shown a passion for officiating and who has what it takes to be a great official. 

2016-17 Connor Makarus

2017-18 Scott Green

2018-19 Tyler Gunther


Most Improved

The most improved is awarded to the ARA member who has taken their officiating skills from good to great within one season.

2016-17 Tyson Gehl

2017-18 Zachary Deir

2018-19 Shawn Butler


Assignor Award

The assignor award is given to the ARA member who on top of taking their own assignments is always there to help the assignor even if this means officiating a lower lover or having to do it on short notice.

2016-17 Mitchell Devost

2017-18 Tyson Gehl

2017-18 Luke Esau


Supervision Award

The supervision award is given to the ARA member who gave back the most to our association via not only the number of supervisions but also the quality of their feedback and support.

2016-17 Corrie Colter

2017-18 Trevor Dziaduck

2018-19 Tyson Gehl


Official of the Year

The official of the year is awarded to the ARA member who on top of doing a great job on and off the ice is also actively involved with our association. This person is truly a leader within our association and takes pride in elevating our association to the next level.

2016-17 Rod Reisner

2017-18 Ryan Ryckman

2017-18 Cody Pollock